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March 27, 2019
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Have you ever wonder when and where did Programming started?

According to many, the first computer programmer was an English Noble woman Named Ada Lovelace. She published a sequence of steps in year 1843, they considered these notes as the first computer program, where she performed it using a computing machine designed by Charles Babbage, who is also her friend.

Electronics computers weren’t available during those years as it was built in the year 1940’s but Ada Lovelace made an important moment in history of computer programming.

Brief History of Computer Programming Languages:

ENIAC 1942 – built by US Government and uses electrical signals. Can be programmed by pre-setting switches and rewiring the entire system.

John Von Neumann 1945 – built two important concepts that affected the path of programming languages. The ‘shared-program technique’ and ‘conditional control transfer’

Compiler 1951 – Grace Hopper wrote the first compiler where it turns language’s statements to 0’s and 1’s for the computer to understand (it is called FLOW-MATIC). She is also considered as a Grandmother of COBOL.

FORTRAN 1957 – stands for FORmula TRANSlating system and designed at IBM. This language considered restrictive as it only included IF, DO, and GOTO statements.

COBOL 1959 – created by CODASYL designed for ground up as the language for businessmen. It’s data types were numbers and strings of text.

LISP 1958 – created by John McCarthy and designed for Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. They designed this type of programming language for a specialized field. It is denoted by sequence of items enclosed by parentheses.

Algo 1958 – the first programming with a formal grammar known as Backus-Naar Form or BNF and was created by a committee for scientific use.

Pascal 1968 – created and designed by Niklaus Wirth, it’s purpose was mainly out of necessity for a good teaching tool. It combined many best features of the languages in use at the time (COBOL, FORTRAN and ALGOL).

C 1972 – developed by Dennis Ritchie and also the Linux together with his friend. C uses pointers extensively and was built to be fast and powerful.

OOP 1970 to 1980 – stands for Object Oriented Programming.

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