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Business Strategy

In today’s ever changing digital environment, it is critical to get the things right, the first time but there is no need to go it alone. We can help you achieve success by providing the digital strategy, design and implementation services to transform, innovate and improve performance of your digital solutions. We provide digital services across a range of modern technologies and customized delivery models. Whether you are aiming to achieve digital transformation, governance or root cause analysis, our team of experts will help you improve or reach your business goals through a winning strategy.

Innovation Labs

Tap into our capabilities to foster ideas, transform your organization and follow through to project launch. Our tools and proven approach can be the transformation force. We collaborate with clients, and potential customers to take a holistic view in delivering value. We use sophisticated idealization techniques to move things from interesting concepts to commercial products.

Product Innovation

When your product is just not keeping up, our digital methodologies connect the dots from customer needs, strategic insight, and experience design to deliver improved and competitive products. This is underpinned by robust development and testing capabilities.

User Experience Design

In a world where the experience is the new marketing, you must deliver a seamless digital experience across the entire customer journey. That is why our experienced design approach is backed by data and rooted in measurable outcomes that place the customer at the center of the experience. Our experience strategy team will guide you in articulating the right experience road map and KPIs.

Rapid Prototyping

Innovation and creative ideas can happen anywhere bringing the concept to life and testing is where the rubber meets the road. From small to big ideas, a winning product is the new black. Bring us your challenge and we will respond with a proven and tested approach that is both creative and technically innovative. Our agile methodologies and teams have created a growing inventory of client solutions that have attained commercial success.

Brand Identity

Our insights capabilities and creative process delivers competitive visible elements for your brand that work all together to identify it and make it recognizable in the consumer’s mind. We’ll help you develop a modern brand identity that is clearly differentiated in a crowded market place. Whether you require a logo, brand story, marketing communications our talented team of strategists and designers will make it happen.

Service Design

The modern customer experiences brands from a personal level. We work from goal to solution through a collaborative process, involving you and your customers. Our approach covers from identifying opportunities to developing the service concept and experience design. We deliver value through a rigorous process that covers user testing, journey mapping, ideation workshops and role plays.

Interaction Design

What may seem like a simple press of the button we iterate into perfection. Our clients customers interact with their brand across many touch points. We make sure that when they interact with our clients products it is effortless and joyful. Yes, we want to make your customers joyful.

Visual Design

Bad design hurts humanity. We work hard to give our clients customers a wow feeling when they see a new product. A wow feeling that lasts, and one they want to talk about.


User Research and Testing

Creating a great product or service design by discovering what your users need is not a new thing. We deploy best in class processes and tools to have a better understanding of your users. We can help you improve existing products, generate new concepts and drive innovation. By analyzing real people as they use your product, we help you move beyond the guess-work to see your customer’s journeys and then take the necessary action. We support our client’s growth ambitions through deriving the right insights. Using the modern data collection methodologies such as user tracking and experimentation, we are able to identify real opportunities.


Design Thinking

At Vox Populi, design thinking is not just a buzzword it is at the heart of our mindset and expertise. We collaborate with your team to provide a holistic approach to design projects. From project conception to defining tasks and delivering customer value, we illuminate sources of confusion and frustration, and give you specific guidance on how to approach a design project and deliver real results.


Front-end Development

Your website is your most important digital asset and acts as the nervous system for your entire digital efforts. The look, feel and performance of your website design gives a first time impression of your business. You don’t just need a good-looking website you want a website that performs and delivers on your business goals. Our design approach is based on understanding your business and helping achieve your goals. Whether you are looking for a CMS website or a custom built, we use tools, frameworks and technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and more.


Mobile Apps

Mobile-only internet users now exceed desktop. Mobile can no longer be ignored. Sometimes, you need to go beyond a website. You need to develop a custom app to give your mobile customers a fiction-less experience. We build web applications that are seamless for all types of mobile platforms. We specialize in IOS and Android applications that deliver great user experiences and are built to evolve with technological advancements.

Internet of Things

A more connected world creates opportunities for enterprises to formulate new business models and opportunities beyond imagining. We can help you create an IoT strategy and implementation to power your business into the future. Our capabilities with sensors, platforms and leveraging artificial intelligence transform businesses to create a seamless customer experience.

Systems Integration

Delivering seamless digital experiences require breaking away from functional siloes. For modern businesses, this requires new ways of working to deliver value for the customer. We combine our technical agility to do just that for our clients. Our enterprise application integration process is able to connect your IT systems like your CRM with your website to deliver a connected and efficient system.



As customer preferences exponentially shift online, Ecommerce companies understand the importance of building great user experiences. We help build the right digital assets across all ecommerce platforms. Our implementations produce salable and cost-effective solutions from website development to product feeds to personalization, all geared to drive sales growth. We build on top of leading ecommerce platforms like Magento, Woo Commerce and Spotify.


Augmented Reality

AR can unlock opportunities for your brand. We help companies move beyond the jargon to imagine their businesses in new ways. From Apps to product demos to experiences, we provide a solid strategy and implementation that is guaranteed to give you and edge. We can help with a custom AR strategy, apps, product visualization and events that deliver immersive brand experiences.


Digital Strategy

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. It’s not easy for teams or companies keep up with the regular changes. We can help you achieve long-term digital results by providing a winning strategy, robust plan and flawless implementation services to kick-start or take your digital marketing to the next level.

Our digital experts & consultants works with you, as an extension of your team to integrate new marketing channels or get better results from existing investments in-line with your marketing or business strategy. As part of your growth, we identify the required marketing technologies and evolve tactics that help you realize the greatest value from your marketing investment.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be used to drive increase awareness, website traffic and drives quality lead generation for your business. Not all social media channels were created equal. We understand the uniqueness of each social media platform and know how to build long lasting relationships with fans, as well as drive traffic. We can manage your brand across any or all social media platforms-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Our social media management process focuses on content planning, content creating and promotion, community moderation, social media monitoring and sentiment analysis.

Content Marketing

Content is essential to attract, engage and convert your website visitors and turn website visitors to customers. Success is determined by a business ability to consistently develop and sustain quality content, which earns you credibility with your target audience. We provide the plan, ideas, production, and promotion and performance measurement. Our content development approach is driven by research, best-practice and your business goals. We go beyond delivering outstanding content but also drive important customer actions at every stage of the customer journey. We deliver on website copy, article writing for blogs, resource guides, audio / video production, infographics, online webinars, case studies and white papers.

Data and Analytics

Our data and analytics offerings are designed to help our clients use technologies to understand and quickly respond to customer needs. We provide custom implementation with leading web analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

We Are not Alone

We owe it all to our client who believes and trust us for the past 14 years. If it weren’t for them, we won’t be in a position where we are today.

We Are not Alone

We owe it all to our client who believes and trust us for the past 14 years. If it weren’t for them, we won’t be in a position where we are today.


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