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March 27, 2019
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One of my responsibilities and duties to Vox Populi is to create content for some of our clients or the posters and images we used in our Social Media accounts.

The first online course I took is entitled ‘Learning to write for the web’, in here the author tackled step by step on how to write, what your content should look like, the do’s and don’ts and how you can make your content more appealing to the readers.

I made a lot of content for the past few months but I learned that it’s not enough. The first thing that we should do or know is what are the pages that acquire more traffic and high-bounce rate.

After we distinguished those things, it’s time for the long-term strategy:

  • To ensure that every content gets to reviewed before it gets published
  •  Review content audit, where you review every page and every section of our site, update or delete is necessary (the criteria for the content)
  • Write down and share the review criteria that we decided upon to understand what’s required for a page to be published

Next is how do people use or read the content we made on the website? Most internet users are on research mode when they are online, they don’t read your entire content and will only read 20 percent of it.

People scan; they don’t read. – users scheme most when reading online and tend to miss information. In order for us to capture their attention, we must start each paragraph with a key idea, using words that will tell a story for the rest of the paragraph. These words are the ones people’s eyes rest on when they are scheming.

If it’s too long or contain more than one concept, then they might completely miss the subsequent ideas that you placed in the paragraph. Solutions?

  • Use short words
  •  Short sentences
  • Short paragraphs

If you’re covering several different ideas in your content, then the best alternative is to convert some part of your content into a LIST.

  • Easier to scan
  •  Are written telegraphically
  •  Break up text                             

It makes the information easy to digest.                   

What Should your content look like?

  • Homepage or summary – 5th grade
  •  Summary – 8th grade
  •  Support Information – 11th grade

This is based on the study that there are also a lot of individuals who don’t have the skills to read to the high reading level as many individuals don’t like reading.

These are the most important part on this topic, please bear in your mind these following points:

  •  Know the pages with high bounce rate and traffic
  •  Rewrite your content
  • Have a long-term strategy
  •  Track your effectiveness
  •  Know the behaviour of your online readers
  •  How should your content look like based on age and reading comprehension




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