Significance of Logo Colours

it is very important to know what colours indicate in respect of business nature before selecting the combination.



March 27, 2019
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When you think of creating a logo of your company, the important point to discuss is selection of logo colors. It is so important as it is going to become your main identity and is going to attract your potential customers. Logo colors give a visual connection to your company’s value and personality. The right combination can visually communicate with the emotions of prospective customer and make him remember about your brand. This is where first impression of your customer is based.

Hence, it is very important to know what colors indicate in respect of business nature before selecting the combination. A perfect start can be the first step towards the business growth. So, here is the quick description for logo colors. 


Red indicates passion, anger and excitement. If you are planning for loud, playful and young brand image, then RED can be the ideal option. If you want to push your clients for meaningful action and build strong association, this color is the best choice for you. 


It is made up of red and yellow. It is known for playful and energetic. It can be the great choice to evoke the feelings of intensity and happiness. Suitable for travel companies and kids’ brands. 


It is a color of ocean and sky. A calm color that fills the emotions with peace, freedom and imagination. It also influence to be royal, sincere and confident. Hence, its is one of the most favorite color in corporate. If you run a financial firm, then blue can be the best choice for you.


Though black comes up with absence of colors, still its doesn’t give you absence of feelings. It shows strength, authority and elegance. Brands who select black as their logo color, are looking forward for a powerful statement and convey sense of authority and respectability. Black works especially well for expensive products


It is a color of fun and creative thinking. As it is associated with sunshine, this color is a powerful medium of positive emotions and a fresh start. If you want to communicate joy or fun, then be sure you use this color in your logo. 

Think about the emotions you are trying to convey and how you want your customers to respond to your brand. A right choice can help your brand to leave a long impact for powerful connection with your audience. 



Sayali Prabhudesai

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