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Thank You 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s perception and lifestyle of living. It changed how the world works. Across the entire globe, we start practicing to adapt to what we call ‘new normal’ from wearing face masks, …….

Websites and SEO

Facts About Website

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT WEBSITES. Have you ever wondered when the first website got launch or which was the first registered domain? Here you go.. 1. The first website went live on August 6 , 1991 created by Tim …….

Websites and SEO

What is Lead Pages?

What is Lead Pages? What are the benefits can it give to your business? Read down below to find out.#VoxPopuliUAE #Website #Digital #Business #Dubai #OnlineBusiness #DubaiBusiness #UAE #WebD…….

Websites and SEO

Features of E-commerce Website

As customer preferences exponentially shift online, E-commerce companies understand the importance of building great user experiences. It is one of the important website service today, why? Take a look at the list belo…….

Digital Marketing

Common web design mistakes to avoid

According to the Frank Chimero, a well known designer, “People ignore the design that ignores people.” Take a long look at your website and make sure that it is not having such elements which are keeping user to sta…….


Do contents on a website really matter?

Do contents on a website really matter? The answer is YES YES and YES. If you want to get notice among others, then contents play a very important role in SEO.There are so many aspects you need to follow when it comes to the text …….

Digital Marketing

Does your website contain all these?

Does your website contain all these?Importance of having a website for your business is to extend the boundaries of your services. It increases the visibility worldwide and represents your company 24/7. It is your own place to sho…….

Digital Marketing

Logo Reveal – Cake Cutting Ceremony

Another milestone achieved by Vox Populi! One of the best days for our company when the time has come to reveal our new logo that clearly says Vox Populi – the voice of people. It\’s a fresh start like the start of something new a…….

Digital Marketing

Why you must use digital marketing?

Are you still not using digital marketing for your business? But your customers are online and hence, your competitors too. Then what are you waiting for?Go with the flow and digital marketing will offer variety of benefits for yo…….

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